How shall I hang my mobile?

Our hanging mobiles can be hung from a ceiling hook using fishing line to provide the desired length. Please ensure you have secured the hook in the ceiling appropriately for the weight of the mobile.

How do I get rid of fingerprints left on the mobile?

A dry microfibre cloth (or a lens cleaning cloth) works best to keep the acrylic fingerprint free. Do be careful as acrylic can scratch.

Do you make custom colours/sizes?

Not yet. We’ve made a couple of custom mirrors now for some super special friends. You can see one of the custom designs here. If you would like anything custom, reach out and let us know. 

Is my mobile safe to hang over a cot?

Although our mobiles are very light, we recommend keeping them well out of reach of little hands, whether its above a change table or a cot. Using fishing line will allow you to adjust the hanging length easily. Please ensure you have used the correct ceiling hook for the weight.

Do you ship internationally?

We would love to send Double Date international. To make sure we get the best shipping option for you, email us at

Can I choose the click and collect option to save on shipping?

If you want to do click and collect, shoot us a quick email first. If you live in inner Melbourne chances are we live pretty close (hi neighbour) and we can always arrange for a drop off.

Are you going to restock the mirrors?

Maybe.... we had been working through some efficiencies and redesigns but have chosen to focus our efforts on some exciting new products at the moment. Keep an eye out for a new range, a special collab and something christmas-y! (If you really really really want a mirror, drop us a note at and we can see what we can do).

Is there anywhere I can see an mobile in all it’s glory before I buy?

We are currently stocking our Tide Pool and Garden Party Mobiles at Born West (80 Charles St, Seddon, Victoria) and, if you are lucky, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the hanging mobiles in store before they sell out.

Do you sell to wholesalers?

We do! We have wholesale pricing and love working with small businesses creating special experiences for their customers. Send us an email to let us know you are interested and we will send you through a pricing sheet. 

Double Date design colourful and joyful pieces to suit any space. 

Designed and handmade on Wurundjeri country, we respectfully acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their custodianship of the lands and waterways.