Roomies, $22

Meet your new roomies, sans-drama. 

To spell a name, choose the colour and letter from the drop downs and add to cart for each letter. 

Decorate your room, spell out a name, or create a message. Using our custom font, Roomies are an alphabet family where each letter has it’s own unique personality. 


Each letter is slightly different however, the largest letters are approx. 10 cm. 
Material: Acrylic.    

No hanging system supplied. Roomies are light enough to be hung with a command strip (we cut ours), or even with some blu tack.   

Product care
Acrylic can scratch easily, so please keep your product away from abrasive surfaces. To clean the acrylic surface, wipe gently with a dry microfibre cloth.

All our products are assembled by hand and may have some slight imperfections. 

Double Date design colourful and joyful pieces to suit any space. 

Designed and handmade on Wurundjeri country, we respectfully acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their custodianship of the lands and waterways.