Tide Pool $160

Add a touch of seascape with a mobile worthy of Ariel’s grotto. 

The Tide Pool mobile is designed to be mounted from the ceiling and comes in a palette of aqua, bubblegum and spearmint with pops of frosted orange. 

Lead time
All Double Date products are made to order; please allow 3–4 weeks from ordering until dispatch.

Spearmint Pastel, Aqua, Lilac, Pastel Blue, Bubblegum Pastel, Orange Frost, Clear Frost, Blue Frost, Blue, Pastel Lemon. 


Size: 320mm (W) x 500mm (H) 
Weight: 350g
Material: Acrylic

Supplied with a length of clear twine to facilitate hanging from a ceiling hook. See our FAQs for more hanging advice.

Product care
This mobile should be hung and cleaned with care to avoid damage. Acrylic can scratch easily, so please keep your product away from abrasive surfaces. To clean the acrylic surface, wipe gently with a dry microfibre cloth.

All our products are assembled by hand and may have some slight imperfections.
Double Date is designed and handmade on Wurundjeri country. We respectfully acknowledge the wisdom of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their custodianship of the lands and waterways.